A 15 month study to explore whether remote access tele-therapy (ie telephone and ‘video-telephone’ services such as Skype) could be used to improve access to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder therapy for UK veterans, and to assess the impact of the treatment.

Recorded Impact

This report was published in 2018 and provided evidence that Skype was an acceptable and feasible way of providing treatment to veterans with PTSD.  Since the report has been published, Combat Stress have trained their staff in using Skype to conduct therapy sessions and have rolled out Skype-based therapies across the UK.

Training has also been provided to the Welsh Veterans Service to deliver services to veterans as well as training to the UK Psychological Trauma Society. A peer-reviewed qualitative paper looking at veterans’ experiences of receiving therapy over Skype has also been published in the European Journal of Psychotraumatology.