A research project examining future socio-economic and social-political trends and the likely impact of those trends on the Armed Forces Community.

This project was commissioned by FiMT to examine the impact of future trends on Service personnel and their families as they transition out of the military over the next ten years and beyond. The study will also examine the impact of relevant future trends, and the likely changing needs of the Armed Forces community, on the support provided by statutory and voluntary organizations.

The project is being conducted in three phases, and includes stakeholder interviews, expert workshops, and ethnographic research.

The Initial Perspective paper, which summarises the first phase of the discussion, can be found here and below. It begins with a summary of the macro societal shifts that are taking place, goes on to look at some national shifts likely to take place over the next decade, considers some trends affecting the Armed Forces Community as a whole, then focuses on those that may impact the charity sector.