A 3-year project to extend and develop the Armed Forces Charities project, including a fully redeveloped website (www.armedforcescharities.org), 6 themed reports, and an updated edition of the “Sector Insight” report.


The Armed Forces Charities project saw the production of both the DSC Sector Insight report and the Armed Forces Charities website. The report was overwhelming well-received by those in the Armed Forces charity sector with stakeholders noting the usefulness of the key findings and rich data. The report is seen as an evidence base for military charities who have used it to inform their services and strategies. The report has been particularly useful in improving understanding of how the sector is changing and in providing a picture of the overall landscape. The report has also been used by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and was the primary source of evidence for the MOD’s 2018 Summary of Provision report.

The website has been an asset to the sector and has become a well-established and publicly accessible database. The website has received enquiries by individuals and organizations looking to connect with one another and has become a key signposting tool for individuals.

The success of the project led us to funding a suite of Sector Insight reports which examine specific areas including charity provision across each of our Programme areas. An updated Sector Insights report is due to be published in 2020.