One of our key research priorities is:
Family impacts, including aggressive behaviour, violence and domestic abuse.

Our 2013 report, ’The mental health of serving and ex-Service personnel review’, commissioned in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation, identifies “Families, children and social support” as a priority area for research (read the report).A further report written by a partner organization, the Centre for Mental Health, in conjunction with Combat Stress and The Royal British Legion, provides a comprehensive review of the situation of veteran families, and identifies 4 specific problem areas impacting on the families of ex-Serving personnel: ex-Serving personnel who misuse alcohol; domestic violence on family members; ex-Service personnel suffering mental health problems; and the support available to families (read the report.

Our Mental Health Research Programme welcomes applications that address aspects within this complex field, and the interactions between ex-Service personnel’s mental health problems, and the impact on and support needs of their families.