Forces in Mind Trust has warmly welcomed the follow-up report to Lord Ashcroft’s Veterans’ Transition Review.  Commenting on its findings and recommendations for future work, Chief Executive Air Vice-Marshal Ray Lock CBE said:

“Lord Ashcroft has rightly highlighted that whilst a good deal of progress has been made, there remain areas of transition where the evidence suggest more could be done.  For example, our Transition Mapping Study (August 2013) emphasized the critical role of through-career preparation and the importance of correcting public misperceptions.  Neither seems to have developed at pace and, whilst the Veterans Research Hub will provide a comprehensive myth busting capability, many organizations (and not just the MOD) could do more to promote the wonderful contribution made by the vast majority of ex-Service personnel who do successfully transition into civilian life with their families.

“The picture concerning Early Service Leavers is less clear, as this term covers a wide range of situations.  Forces in Mind Trust is considering how we can best contribute to a better understanding of the challenges and solutions.  The same applies to Northern Ireland, where in recognition of Lord Ashcroft’s concerns around the Armed Forces Covenant, we will shortly be announcing some major studies in this area.

“Finally, it is no surprise that access to information and third sector collaboration remain key themes, and our work with the Directory of Social Change and Manchester Business School are two examples of how working within the Confederation of Service Charities (Cobseo) can help Forces in Mind Trust achieve our aim: the successful transition of all ex-Service personnel and their families into civilian life.

Here is a link to Lord Ashcroft’s review follow up