Today (16th March 2021), the government has announced a new Integrated Review of security, defence, development and foreign policy. Forces in Mind Trust Chief Executive Ray Lock CBE says:

“The Integrated Review looks at the next decade up to 2030, and the changing role that the Armed Forces will play in this period. But what does it mean for the people who are serving, or who have served in the Armed Forces? Forces in Mind Trust has been working in partnership with Future Agenda to explore what transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life will look like in 2030 and beyond. Our project, Lifting Our Sights, considers exactly that. A final report will be published this Spring, but insights from our Initial Perspective are already available. They cover areas which have been highlighted by the Integrated Review, such as the changing characteristics of conflict, smarter talent, data and automation and shifting power and influence.

“The Integrated Review particularly highlights a change in the skills those serving in the Armed Forces will require over the next decade, with a greater focus on cyber and technological advances. As the Lifting Our Sights Initial Perspective explains, this is likely to have an impact on transition to civilian life and employment for ex-Service personnel, as they enter the job market with different skills to those of previous Service leavers. These changes to the Armed Forces will also impact the way that ex-Service personnel are perceived by the general public. The organizations which provide support must be prepared to respond to these changes. Later this Spring, Lifting Our Sights will provide more insight into the impact of change, and the actions which can be taken now to ensure that those who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are always able to access the right support.”