What we are looking for

Item Activity
  • Clearly defined area of need
  • Fit with Forces in Mind objectives and priorities
  • National focus or ability to replicate?
  • Clearly defined delivery mechanisms
  • Ability to adapt, change and innovate from experience
  • Positive involvement of service users
  • Demonstrable evidence of partnership working
  • Proposed approach to evaluating impact
  • An outcomes based approach
  • Evidence of good or promising outcomes
  • Ability to disseminate results and outcomes
  • Strong management team
  • Strong board and Chair
  • Clearly articulated vision and strategy
  • Clearly articulated priorities
People and Resources
  • Sufficiently qualified staff across the organisation
  • Strong recruitment practices
  • Good use of volunteers
  • Good reputation within the sector
  • A well defined and compliant equal opportunities and diversity policy
  • CRB compliance should the proposed project require this
  • Good quality financial management, evidence by annual accounts and management accounts
  • Multiple sources of funding
  • Credible fundraising strategy
  • Strategic use of funds raised
  • Value for money
  • Strong potential to grow or to provide opportunities for replication
  • Potential to develop new or diversified projects
  • Potential to influence on a significantly larger scale
  • Potential to generate significant leverage through partnerships with other foundations or delivery partners
  • Potential to generate significant leverage from other donors, either at point of intervention or over time with an aim to create a sustainable operation – see below
  • Projects should bring about sustainable change
  • Clearly defined exit strategy
  • Where applicable, exit strategy should demonstrate how evidence of benefits will be gathered to support a well founded business case for transfer of services to appropriately funded bodies