What is FiMT?

Our approach

Forces in Mind Trust improves the civilian lives of ex-Service personnel and their families by providing evidence to deliver transformational and sustained change.  With the evidence our awards produce, we advocate changes to policy and service delivery by both the State and Voluntary sectors.

Our beneficiaries

Ultimately our beneficiaries are all ex-Service personnel and their families, although in the main we support them indirectly through front-line organizations and policy makers.  We are not concerned with strict definitions of Veteran, Family or Transition, preferring instead to look at the overall context and how people see themselves, albeit within the boundary of our charitable objects.

Grants and Commissions

We have a robust and insightful awarding infrastructure and we respond to unsolicited applications for grant awards, issue our own calls for work, and directly commission research.  In our early years, we were awarding around 85% of our annual funds in reaction to applications, and we are now evolving towards the majority of our funds being awarded proactively.

Our areas of interest

FiMT considers transition around six outcomes (below) as the component parts of success.  Although shown as individual outcomes here, we fully appreciate they are interconnected.  All outcomes consider ex-Service personnel and their families.

Outcome What this means to us
Housing Housing that provides the essentials of shelter, safety and support.


Employment Engaged in employment of choice eg full/part time, self/not employed, volunteering, or a combination.  (Education, qualifications and skills are considered here.)


Health and Wellbeing A condition of physical and mental health and wellbeing, where any issues are appropriately identified, treated/managed.


Finance Financially sustainable and resilient.


Criminal Justice System Not in the criminal justice system.


Relationships Supportive family, social and professional networks and relationships.


Please see pages 10 and 11 of our 2017 Activity Report for further information.

Sustainable or long-term change for the better

All our grants and commissions are intended to generate sustained change that improves the lives of ex-Service personnel and their families.  We also recognize that it can be as important to know what does not work as what does, and we do not consider such precious funds wasted.

National Focus

The Trust looks to support work that can influence across the UK.  We recognise that often it is small, regionally-based initiatives that can produce the most profound and innovative effect, and we will always work with grant and commission holders to develop their plans to ensure that the evidence generated is exploited to its fullest potential.  Likewise, we are not shy in advocating our recommendations to the most senior policy makers in the country.